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We’ve gathered our most frequently asked questions, and placed the answers here. We hope this information is helpful to you during the EVV implementation process and when you begin navigating the Careify EVV web portal and mobile application.

If you have questions, call our support team toll-free at 1-833-204-9035 or email us at

System Setup

Q: How are Members and Caretakers added to Careify?

A: Agency users have administrative permissions within the Careify web application that allow them to configure various aspects of system use, including adding Agency and Caretaker system users, identifying the association between Members and Caretakers, and assigning system permission levels. PCG will work with the State of Arkansas to add Member profiles to the Careify system.

System Features

Q: Can Agency users review Caretaker-entered mobile information in the Careify web portal?

A: Agency users can access all visit information captured via the Careify mobile application using the Careify web portal’s reporting features. System users can retrieve information on demand based on their permission / access level.

Q: What if a Caretaker enters inaccurate or incomplete information in the Careify mobile application?

A: Caretakers will have an opportunity to correct time or service entry errors prior to ending a visit, or ten minutes after ending a visit. Some errors may result in the visit being flagged. Flagged visits will only be displayed in the Careify web portal. Agency users can review and resolve all visit flags using the Careify web portal.

Q: What if a Caretaker does not have network connectivity during a visit while trying to use the Careify mobile application?

A: Any time a Caretaker does not have network connectivity (e.g., cellular or Wi-Fi), Careify automatically enables offline mode in the mobile application. While using the offline mode, Caretakers should document visits normally. Careify will capture and store the visit data securely on your device. Once connectivity has been restored, all data captured during offline mode will be automatically sent to the Careify servers.

Q: What devices do I need in order to use the Careify mobile application or web portal?

A: Most smartphones running on Android or iOS operating systems can run the Careify mobile application. Most web browsers support the web application. See Guidance for Agencies or Guidance for Caretakers for specific software and hardware requirements.

System Benefits

Q: How will Careify combat fraud, waste, and abuse?

A: The Caretaker’s location is captured at the start and end of a visit, and is flagged if it falls outside the expected service location. Anomalous Caretaker activity will trigger system flags, providing enhanced oversight into in-home and community-based care delivery. Agencies can take investigative and/or corrective action based upon review of the flags and reports generated within the Careify web portal.

Q: How is PHI protected while using the Careify mobile application?

A: Devices using the Careify EVV mobile application will be required to have a device PIN and users must enter their Careify password, thereby providing two-factor authentication. All data captured through the mobile app is encrypted. If the phone is in offline mode, the encrypted visit data is cached locally until a network/cellular connection is available.

Careify and Other Systems

Q: How are claims filed? Can Agencies review claims before submission?

A: Agencies will continue to use their existing claims filing process. EVV does not submit claims on your behalf, but Careify does provide validated visit data the State will use to adjudicate the claims sent. Agencies should review and release the EVV data via the Careify web portal, prior to submitting claims.

Q: What if we already have an EVV system?

A: Careify can capture and aggregate data from third-party EVV systems and submit that EVV data to the State.

Agencies who currently use an alternative EVV solution may continue do so with prior approval from PCG and AR DHS. Any third-party EVV systems, meaning solutions outside of the state-procured EVV system, must be certified by PCG to ensure adherence with federal and state compliance criteria. Email or call 1-833-204-9035 to begin this certification process.